19th Apr 2021


Here at Scooter Hut we are super hyped about the arrival of the all new MACH 10 and 10R electric scooters from e-Glide. We have already been huge fans of the best-selling G60 and G120 models from e-Glide, and these new scooters look like a very promising entry into the High-Performance category. In our review we will give you a close up look at these exciting products while going over all the reasons you need to own one. Be sure to watch our review video and read about all the amazing features of this new e-Glide electric scooter below. 

e-Glide Mach !0


Building on the already impressive range of e-Glide scooters, the MACH 10 and 10R are a powerful entry into the world of high-performance scooters. Boasting industry-leading suspension and acceleration in a futuristic and refined scooter. E-Glide have also added several highly demanded features to the MACH 10 range, such as collapsible handlebars, LED deck lighting, a dedicated footrest, and more.


The ultimate ride starts with great design. The e-Glide MACH 10 features a revolutionary hollow frame crafted from forged aluminium, giving it strength without the extra bulk or weight. Stem wobble is dramatically reduced through it’s single stem design, and aluminium fenders offer improved durability and effectiveness. The list goes on, but the dynamic look of the MACH 10 really speaks for itself.


With these scooters being fully loaded with features, there is only one thing left for you to choose. How far do you want to go? e-Glide offer two battery capacities to suit your distance needs. The MACH 10 has an 18.2AH battery with a maximum range of 60 km, and the MACH 10R features a 23AH LG battery with an extended range of up to 80 km.


e-Glide Mach 10  Electric Scooter

With a name like MACH 10, you would expect this scooter to be fast. Guess what? It is, with a ride quality unlike anything you have felt before!

Two powerful 1000W motors propel the MACH 10 to a top speed of 55 km/h in a matter of seconds. In fact, it can accelerate from 0 to 25 km/h in 3.1 seconds and from 0 to 40 km/h in 5.3 seconds. That’s 37% faster than the dual motor Mercane Widewheel Pro!

The ride comfort of the MACH 10 glides along smoothly. Mounted on an industry-leading dual spring suspension system, it can be easily adjusted with a single allen key. With a lower ground clearance of 21.5cm and responsive 10” tyres, handling is drastically improved giving you the ultimate riding experience.

With front and rear disc brakes, the e-Glide MACH 10 stops as swiftly as it takes off. These best-in class disc brakes are also partnered with a re-generative braking system which is activated when brake levers are pulled. This not only decelerates the scooter, but it also recharges the battery. So, it’s worth your while to slow down every now and then.


e-Glide Mach 10 high-performance scooters

Even when not riding, the e-Glide MACH 10 is still designed to perform. Features include a stem that easily folds down and locks into the deck, collapsing handlebars for an even more compact form and a weight of up to 32 kg. The MACH 10 is easily carried, stored or transported as you need it.


Even with amazing power, a truly great electric scooter needs to have amazing features.

The e-Glide MACH 10 scooters feature a key lock ignition as well as multiple frame cavities that allow for cable or chain locks. This means you can leave your scooter locked up worry free.

Take full control on your ride with the single/dual motor and eco/turbo switches. Take your MACH 10 into hypersonic mode with the press of a button or switch down to eco mode for a longer range. Keep an eye on all your ride stats 

e-Glide Mach 10 Rwith the bright full colour display mounted on the MACH 10 throttle.


See and be seen at night. The MACH 10 is equipped with two LED headlights in the front and two LED taillights in the back. Adding to your safety in low light is the LED lighting which runs along each side of the deck which will catch the eyes of all as you speed through the dark.


  • Powerful dual 1000W motors
  • Industry-leading adjustable dual spring suspension
  • Up to 80 km range* (MACH 10R only. MACH 10 has up to 60 km range)
  • Rider weight up to 150 kg
  • Revolutionary design
  • Folding handlebars and stem
  • Key lock ignition and multiple locking spots
  • Bright LED head, tail and deck lighting