Dakota Schuetz – Flat Ground Wizardry

Dakota Schuetz – Flat Ground Wizardry

Posted by Brenton Taylor/Jamie Santilli on 30th Dec 2016

Dakota Schuetz, is well and truly a household name in the scooter world. Now in saying this you would have heard of tricknology right? What? You haven't!...Well then you better get up to speed right now;

It’s not abnormal for Kota to bust out a world first or two on the daily but my goodness...a 360 backflip flat? 


Check it out here -

We won’t link all his jaw dropping 'Worldies' because well, we’d be here all day. However, I do suggest sussing out his you will not be disappointed. 

Also for our Australian homies make sure you keep up with his tour happening this January!!! He will be covering as much of the country as he possibly can whilst he's here, so don't miss your chance to see him in person.