Clayton Lindley - Throwin' Down Fire!

Clayton Lindley - Throwin' Down Fire!

Posted by Brenton Taylor on 19th Dec 2016

Now, I don’t know if y’all know Clayton (you should) but if you don’t go scope what he’s about.

This guy is one of the most unique riders in the sport right now, doing tricks I thought unfathomable a couple of years ago and throws down hard to match!

Bangers like flair double / triple fingerwhip to unique tricks like fast plant fronty judo plants. Clayton was recently in Australia on the Pro Series tour and absolutely smashed it coming in at 11th / 22 which is ridiculous for two reasons. 

Those were the best 22 riders in the world and he had to compete in the last heat in QLD with a severely bruised hand / fingers obtained from a go karting crash the day before.

Aside from being a straight fire scooter rider, he’s been providing hours of entertainment on his new YouTube channel ‘Undialed tv’ with his buddy White Trash Willy, an absolute comedian of the sport. If you’re looking for some shenanigans and a bit of a laff, head over to their YouTube channel.

This guy has one of the best attitudes in the sport right now and everyone reading should follow this man, an inspiration to kid’s worldwide.

Treat yourselves…

Fast plant frontflip whip flat -

Footplant wizardry -