Australia's Newest Skatepark | Level Up

Australia's Newest Skatepark | Level Up

18th Oct 2019

Level Up skate park the Gold Coast's newest indoor skatepark in now open for riders to enjoy.

The men behind this epic skate park are Trevor Ward (professional skateboarder) and Kyle Baldock (professional BMXer and 10 times X Games medallist), these two athletes came together and created this epic space so riders from all sports have the ability to ride in an environment where they would be able to access training and knowledge at a professional level. Trevor and Kyle want to share their insider industry knowledge and help all riders at all levels with everything from riding skills, competing, working with sponsors and brands to building and harnessing social media to give riders the best chance at success in their chosen sport.

Level Up skate park is a custom built this space to be ideal for all riders, the park has dedicated areas for all levels of riders from beginners to elite, the park contains a Resi section, Vert Ramp, Mini ramp and beginners section and they have some awesome areas being developed and coming soon.

At Level Up they have also developed group programs for all riders to be able to take their skills to the next level and academy’s and high performance program camps for ultimate development of your skills.

Watch our full YouTube video for an interview with Trevor and Kyle and a walk through of the space.

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