All new Xiaomi Electric Scooters now available at Scooter Hut

All new Xiaomi Electric Scooters now available at Scooter Hut

Posted by James Allan on 29th Jul 2020

If you've been waiting for the next iteration of the Xiaomi M365 Pro or if you've been waiting for a more budget friendly option in the Xiaomi range then you're in luck.

Scooter hut has just introduced two new electric scooters which represent the latest in what Xiaomi has to offer.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro 2

This new model is the evolution of the original and super popular Xiaomi M365 and it is a ripper. At time of writing the Pro 2 is selling for $1,199.00 which represents excellent value for money.

You'll get a max range of 45Km in a scooter weighing only 14.2Kg which makes the Pro 2 ideally suited for commuting. The front mounted 300W (600W Peak) motor will get you up to the Australian regulated 25Kmh in no time and will easily handle more hilly areas.

It packs down to 1130MM X 490MM X 430MM when folded making it easy to throw into the car boot or store at home when not in use.

The styling isn't a huge departure from its predecessor but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The OG Xiaomi Pro has been hugely successful and has fast become one of the most popular electric scooters on the market. Xiaomi appears to be adopting the motto "if it ain't broke... don't fix it", and in this case we agree.

That's not to say they haven't made some improvements here. A bright but dipped headlight reduces glare to pedestrians and road users, the upgraded tail light is now bigger and brighter than ever for extra safety when riding at night, front, side, and rear reflectors look great during the day and help with visibility at night.

An all new 8.5" pneumatic tyre design is more puncture resistant while delivering superior comfort on a wider variety of riding surfaces including gravel, dirt roads, and grass.

A new double braking system reduces braking distance using a smart electronic ABS control method to activate the front and rear brakes one after the other.

Pair the Pro 2 with your phone and get even more control through the Mi Home App for features like trip stats, energy recovery, remote locking system, cruise control and much more.

The Xiaomi 1S

A new entrant to the Xiomi range of electric scooters, the 1S is a last mile scooter aimed squarely at the commuter who wants to arrive in style.

With a range of 30Km, the 1S can handle moderate commutes (especially if you can it charge in between trips), and really comes into it's own for those who take the train or bus to work or have to park far away from the office.

Weighing only 12.5Kg, the 1S is easily carried on and off public transport and packs into your car easily at only 1080 x 430 x 490mm when folded.

8.5" pneumatic tyres, and advanced electronic ABS and Disc Brakes the all new 1S from Xiaomi takes electric scooters to the next level.

3 speed modes allow you to set your own pace to make riding the 1S a joy. Use the clear, multifunction dashboard to monitor your trip, control your lights, power and speed at a glance.

Pair your 1S with the Mi Home App on your smart phone to track your rides, engage the remote locking system and even set cruise control!

The original M365 Pro is now available for only $999.00 so there's never been a better time to pick one up before they're all gone.

Order your Xiami M365 Pro 2 or 1S online today or head into your nearest Scooter Hut Store to pick one up.