A breakdown of the e-Glide range of Electric Scooters

A breakdown of the e-Glide range of Electric Scooters

Posted by James Allan on 7th Aug 2020

e-Glide has risen to the highest ranks of the electric scooter market here in Australia and with good reason. The G60 and ever popular G120 are some of the best scooters in their respective price ranges.

The e-Glide G60

The G60 is easily one of our most popular models here at Scooter Hut but what you might not know is that it is also the number 1 best selling electric scooter in Europe.

Turning up on a G60 will earn you some well deserved looks thanks to the ultra modern milled aluminium stem and hard wearing deck. This scooter has more curves than a Victoria's Secret model but don't let that fool you into thinking it's all form and no substance.

The G60 has it where it counts in the power department too. With a front mounted 350W brushless motor and a 36 Volt, 6.4 Amp Hour battery this little commuter scooter can really pack a punch for its size.

3 power modes (ECO, Standard, and Sports) allow you to control the power delivery curve and conserve battery life (the G60 can travel up to 25Km on a single battery), cruise at a comfortable pace, or put the metaphorical pedal to the metal.

The G60 has another neat trick up its sleeve in the form of quickly and easily replaceable battery. Buy a spare battery for the G60 and carry it in its handy carry bag and never experience range anxiety again. Carry several battery packs in your backpack and ride all day!

Folding down to an easy to manage 1056 X 420 X 450mm and weighing a poultry 12.5KG the G60 is a great option for the commuter who wants to hop on and off of public transport between rides.

LED head and tail lights help keep you safe when riding at night and an easy to read dash mounted display provides important information about your speed, battery levels, and power mode.

A great little scooter at only $799 at time of writing.

The e-Glide G120

Still under $1000, the G120 offers everything its little brother does and more.

With bigger 10" tyres (as opposed to 8.5" on the G60), the G120 offers a more comfortable ride quality and grips the road more firmly to handle tighter turns and rougher terrain.

The battery on the G120 has a massive 10.4AH capacity allowing up to 45KM on a single charge. As with the G60 you can purchase replaceable batteries for the G120 and never worry about range again. Carry a single spare for a total maximum range of 90KM!

The same 350W front mounted motor powers the G120 so you can expect some serious punch when you throttle on.

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