10 ways to upgrade and customize your electric scooter

10 ways to upgrade and customize your electric scooter

22nd Oct 2021

10 ways to upgrade and customize your electric scooter

10 ways to customize your electric scooter

Upgrading and customizing a scooter is a great way to make it your own. By doing this you can create a unique ride that is specifically for you. One of the best things about upgrading a scooter is that it doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. This guide will show you how to improve your electric scooter's performance and look to meet your demands. Because you have the right to change the way you ride.

Step1. Undo the Speed Limiter:

You can increase the speed of your electric scooter by removing the speed limiter set by the manufacturer with the help of digital display or by making changes in software of your electric scooter

Step2.Upgrade the battery:

You can replace or add a battery with a significantly greater charge reserve than the one you presently have.

Step3. Upgrade the motor:

Just like your battery, there are several different types of motors with various capacities to choose from, ranging from 200W to 8000W.

To avoid fire hazards or low performance it is always best to opt for batteries and motors that are on an equal level.

Step4. Increase aerodynamics:

You must make the scooter as light as passible, so that it can travel easily without having to worry about larger loads exceeding the weight limit. You can also remove a luggage rack or basket, if you don’t need it, to increase the aerodynamics of your electric scooter.

Step5: Change the tires and go big on the wheels:

Upgrade your tires for better comfort and performance. Self-balancing wheels are more lightweight , while pneumatic wheels are heavier, but they roll faster and last longer.

Step6: Upgrade your suspension:

Your scooter will feel like a whole new ride after you learn how to change the shocks. The ideal suspension for scooters will use a mix of springs and pistons known as coil-over-hydraulic or coil-over-air.

Step7: Take it easy with brakes:

Upgrade your brakes carefully by ensuring you choose the right type. Scooters with two braking systems are better for performance and safety reasons, in case one fails.

Step9: Improve the look of your electric scooter:

Paint, polish, and clean your scooter as necessary. You can also add custom stickers to give your scooter that oomph factor.

Step10: Add accessories:

You can add electric Scooter accessories like the front, rear, and deck lights, locks, trucks, baskets, alarms, phone holders, speedometers, turn signals, hooks, mirrors, seats, wall mounts, and cup holders, which not only improve the functionality of your electric scooter but also add to its overall flair. But make sure they are not adding unnecessary weight to the scooter.


Check your local authority rules regarding speed limits on electric scooters before investing in any tools or parts to make your scooter faster. Otherwise, you might face significant penalties and the seizure of your scooter.


The best electric scooter is the one you design yourself and your specific needs. It's as easy as swapping out your old parts for new ones with a few adjustments here and there and you can get the best of your old scooter without burning a hole in your pocket. Electric scooter upgrades can change the way you feel about riding. Don't miss out!