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​Nick Tedrick - Welcome To Phoenix

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The editing, the song, the cinematic scenery would have you under the impression that this edit was going to be chill… BOOM! Think again. Nick wasn’t mucking around in this edit doing tricks like flair full whip bar, 360 finger whip bar to fakie and oppo 270 front board… And it was all within the first 45 seconds!

As you can imagine this doesn’t let up and the riding is so solid the whole way through.

Notable tricks: 360 10 flat 10 Backboard double bar backlip up a rail followed by a board bar backlip down a rail Backlip full whip finger whip in Front lip front board whip 360 whip to heel down a huge stair set Flip whip drop And the banger….. THE BANGER!!! (You’ll have to go scope that one for yourselves;)

Nick Tedrick is an absolute beast and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. His scooter control mixed with his crazy ass innovative brain along with his yolo attitude make for unfathomable scooter tricks. Taking America and the world by storm, it is undeniable that he is one of the best and most diverse riders on the planet right now.

Our hats go off to your sir, you absolute weapon!

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Still Epic - Brendon Smith 2016 Edit

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