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Inokim Ox Review Video


At Scooter Hut, we thoroughly test every electric scooter we sell. That way we can guarantee that we only stock the very best scooters on the market.

In this video were are testing out the beastly Inokim Ox Scooter.

One of the best known models in the world of high performance electric scooters is the Inokim OX. In this video we are gonna take this beast out and see why everybody is talking about it.

Built for off road recreational use, the Inokim OX is a great choice for anyone who demands more power for hill climbs, is a thrill seeker or just wants an amazing futuristic looking electric scooter.

To deliver the power required, the OX has a 20.8AH 60V battery that has a charge time of 12.5 hours. Once fully charged it can travel a maximum range of 100km and can reach speeds of up to 45km/h but is speed limited to 25km/h to meet Australian regulations. This scooter is not quite as portable as others weighing in at 28kg but will handle a rider weight of up to 120kg.

The performance of the OX comes from the rear 800w motor which has 1200w of peak power. To help tackle off road terrain, the scooter is fitted with 10” pneumatic tyres and dual adjustable suspension. All of this will obviously need some stopping power, so the Inokim OX uses a rear mechanical disc brake and front drum brake to slow things down.

All the relevant info such as speed, battery level and which of the three power modes you are in are conveniently shown on the lcd display which is integrated into the throttle lever. To ensure a safe ride in the dark, the LED head and tail lights are molded into the dynamic design of the OXs deck.


The Inokim Ox folds down by simply releasing the lever at the base of the stem. Once folded the top of the handlebar clips into the rear of the deck and you can lift the scooter by holding the stem. While this is not the lightest scooter most people should be able to lift it up a flight of stairs or into the boot of a car.

To operate this scooter, press the power button once to turn it on. You can cycle through the 3 power modes by pressing the plus or minus buttons and by long pressing the plus button you can turn the lights on or off. The scooter is powered off by pressing the power button for three seconds or after ten minutes of inactivity.

In the first 2 power modes the Inokim Ox makes for quite a comfortable ride and could be used as a daily commuter but it is the third power mode where all the fun is had. The acceleration is powerful but very smooth, not once did it feel out of control, and the steering is nice and responsive when you are at a steady cruising speed. The large deck, 10” tyres and bouncy suspension makes this scooter float like a cloud and can quickly speed across both smooth and rough terrain.

The handling is very grippy on paved surfaces and feels great when powering through a turn. Finally the braking is super responsive as you would expect, you can dial in just the right amount of stopping power and even get the wheels to skid on loose surfaces for some off road fun.

So with a scooter like the Inokim Ox that does so much, it is suitable for so many riders due to it’s speed, power, incredible range and solid comfortable ride style. Some people may find a scooter this big a bit difficult to lift or carry, but with a scooter that is this much fun the extra weight may not be a problem.

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