Why Scooter Hut Titanium Bars Should Be On Your Shopping List

Oct 07, 2022
Why Scooter Hut Titanium Bars Should Be On Your Shopping List

One of the most important parts of a pro / stunt scooter are the bars. Not only do the bar material impact the weight of your scooter, it could also be the difference between bending or snapping your bars. 

Using our 10 years of experience, Scooter Hut have been able to develop the most affordable titanium bars EVER without compromising on quality. We knew that for the sport to grow and develop further, there needed to be more people out there riding titanium bars. That’s why we at Scooter Hut decided to do something about it.

The most commonly found chromoly bars were strong and durable but were heavier than most riders liked. Aluminium bars were nice and light but lacked the strength of chromoly bars, so many riders found themselves needing to buy new bars all the time. The next material to be used was titanium. Titanium has been a real breakthrough for scooter bars, giving riders both the strength of chromoly bars and the lightweight feel of aluminium. Unfortunately titanium bars were expensive compared to chromoly and aluminium. With some titanium bars costing up to $600, they were way out of reach for the majority of riders.

While designing our titanium bars, we wanted to make sure we made a bar to suit every riding style. So we had them produced in two popular styles, T-Bar and S-Bar. In addition to that we wanted to make sure that our bars would be ultra compatible. Other titanium bars have been limited to only using SCS compression because cutting a slit would permanently weaken the metal and void the warranty. We decided to have our bars manufactured with a slit, that way they are ready to run in HIC compression and SCS would just require a simple bar adaptor. It was extremely important that everybody would be able to fit a set of Scooter Hut titanium bars straight onto their existing setup with minimal fuss. And most importantly we needed our titanium bars to be affordable, which is why we priced our titanium bars to be one of the most affordable bards on the market. 

At Scooter Hut we believe we have created the most versatile, ultra compatible, best looking and most affordable titanium bars on the market. We are really proud to stand behind this product and we know you are going to love them too. 

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