Root Industries Type R Review

Oct 07, 2022
Root Industries Type R  Review


Once again Root Industries has created another beast of innovation in the freestyle scooter market with their new Type R complete scooter.

After  Root Industries’ successful first batch of complete scooters which included the Invictus, Lithium, RP and RS Completes. Root Industries has decided to up the ante yet again and combine the best features of their four prior complete scooters into one ultimate denizen of the streets, king of quarter pipes, box jumps, and everything in-between.

Root Industries has always been at the forefront for innovation in the scooter industry and have stood out from the crowd with their bold unique colourways, and the Type R is no different. The Type R range leaves you spoilt for choice with the classic rocket fuel, gold rush, and also the fan favourite blue and pink splatter.

Type R complete comes in at a highly competitive price point which rounds out the trifecta - innovative, functional, and affordable. This is a scooter that caters to all riders from beginner to advanced which really is a dream come true!

This scooter is Scooter Hut’s hot pick for one of the best value and high quality scooters available for Christmas 2019.


Standout Features:


    • Deck Size: 123x500mm / 4.8x19.6in; 6061-T6 with nylon front and back inserts


    • Bar Size: 580x550mm / 22.8x21.65; 13A Standard Chromoly Steel


    • Forged fork


    • AIR Headset


    • Lithium Double Clamp


    • Wheels: 110mm x 24mm 8-Spoke Black PU / Black core


    • R2 Grips


    • Root “Cut-out R” Griptape


    • High-quality Nylon Brake


  • 3.6kg Complete Scooter Weight

We have been lucky enough to have Shaun Williams, marketing and multimedia coordinator for Root Industries sit down with Scooter Hut and take us through all the features of the Type R complete in detail. Check out our latest YouTube video below with the full Type R specs review!


Complete Scooter Specs 
Weight  3.6kg (7.94lbs)
Standing Height**  755mm (29.72in)
Overall Height*  830mm (32.68in)
Bar Width  550mm (21.65in)
Bar Height  580mm (22.8in)
Deck Length^  500mm (19.68in)
Deck Width  123mm (4.84in)
Foot Space^^  350mm (13.78in)
Wheel Size  110mm
Compression  IHC

 * Overall height is measured from the ground to the top of the bars.

 **Standing height is measured from the top of the deck where you stand to the top of the bars.

^ Deck length is measured from the front of the deck plate to the rear and does not include the distance to the head tube.

^^ Foot space is the space between the neck tube and the brake and is the physical area that you can stand on.

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