Matty Ceravolo Picks His Favourite Complete Scooter

Oct 07, 2022
Matty Ceravolo Picks His Favourite Complete Scooter

Aussie scooter legend, Matty Ceravolo, has been on the pro scooter scene for many years now, starting with Madd Gear back in 2011 which kicked off a huge career within the sport. Matty began travelling all over Australia with the MGP team doing demos, competitions and filming for video parts. After his great run with MGP he moved to ENVY scooters in 2014, this was a move that seemed quite natural for Matty as he was pushing his ability daily with an endless arsenal of tricks as well as new world first tricks.

Shortly after the move to his new sponsor, Nitro Circus came knocking and asked him to participate in shows held in his local city of Melbourne. This is a massive achievement for any extreme sport athlete as Nitro Circus is the biggest touring action sports entertainment show on the globe!

With many worlds firsts under his belt, Matty was progressing at a pacey rate and it didn't take him long to land the infamous worlds First “Triple Inward” (Scooter being thrown 3 times behind him and over his head) at Adrenaline Alley on his UK tour with ENVY Scooters.

In 2015 Ceravolo was part of the FASEN & ENVY team riders heading to the USA for the iconic “Sweet Tooth Tour”. Riding top grade skateparks with easily the best team in the world pushed his boundaries and skill to the next level. This was evident in his 2016 Envy video that left the world of scootering wiping their jaws off the floor in amazement. The filming, production and of course the tricks within this video put him on the map of one of the worlds best freestyle scooter riders.

2017-2018 saw Matty changing his focus from not only riding and filming video parts but to expanding his social presence through Instagram and of course his ever growing YouTube channel (Matty Ceravolo). He uploaded a video every single day giving all of his fans an insight into the life of Matty. Naturally he is a vibrant, social person with a drive to achieve great goals.

July 1st 2018 Matty decided to leave ENVY and join the Root Industries team. Following this move his social presence grew to new heights. He placed 2nd in the Australian Championships qualifying for Worlds 3 times, placed 11th in the world at Action Space Invitational and won the classic Australian comp MOOMBA.

Matty soon found himself with his very own signature parts from ROOT INDUSTRIES including a top selling deck and wheels to match! A career that has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, injuries, world firsts and memories that will last a lifetime.

Matty popped into the Scooter Hut headquarters on the sunny Gold Coast to give you the rundown of his favourite complete scooter, check out our YouTube video to see what he has to say. 

For anyone who doesn't know the kind of complete he rides, it's always been smaller scooters that are lightweight and easier to control - perfect for over head, flip and combo tricks.

He has chosen the sleek all black Root Industries lithium SE model . This scooter comes with 120mm x 30mm wheels for more control and a smoother ride, Alloy bars for a lightweight top end and a medium sized deck perfect for most intermediate/advanced level riders looking for a durable complete.

Root Industries is one of the leading brands developing new and progressive parts to evolve the sport, and the Lithium SE model is no exception. 

Follow Matty as he continues smashing goals and continues his adventures on Instagram and YouTube



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