Evolve Skateboards Available Now at Scooter Hut!

Oct 07, 2022
Evolve Skateboards Available Now at Scooter Hut!

At Scooter Hut we are always looking to expand our electrics range with the best quality products from the world's leading brands. So we are thrilled to announce that Scooter Hut is now a stockist of Evolve Skateboards. Just like Scooter Hut, Evolve Skateboards also started right here on the Gold Coast and has grown to become the world's premier brand of electric skateboards.

Let's take a look at the exciting range of Evolve Skateboards products that we stock.


GTR Range 

The GTR range of boards are the flagship of the Evolve brand and as the name suggests, these are a high performance, muscle car inspired machine. Boasting insane acceleration, responsive carving and powerful hill climbing ability, riding an Evolve GTR Skateboard will have you grinning from ear to ear.


Within the range there are four different configurations to meet the needs of every rider out there.


Starting with the deck, you can choose between a hand made carbon fibre deck for ultimate sturdiness and stability, or a longboard style bamboo deck if you prefer a bit of flex for more of a carving feel.


Next, either of these decks can be paired with your choice of wheels. If you prefer to ride on paved surfaces, want tight carves and the ability to slide, grab your Evolve GTR fitted with the traditional urethane street wheels. If you want the power to ride anywhere and everywhere, then the Evolve GTR will the all terrain wheels and pneumatic tyres is the one for you. 


If you want to do a bit of both, we also stock the conversion kits that will allow you to swap your Evolve Skateboard between all terrain and street in just a matter of minutes.


Lastly, connect your GTR board to the Evolve smartphone app and you can track your rides, compete in global leaderboards and even dial in your own custom acceleration curve.



The Stoke

If you are after a smaller more portable ride that feels like a traditional skateboard, then the Evolve Stoke is the board you are looking for. This surf inspired pocket rocket is the latest model in the Evolve range and shares the exact same motors and electronics as it's big brother the GTR. So you get all the acceleration and power but in a more compact package that will fit your daily commute.


Apart from the size, the Evolve Stoke has two other unique features that set it apart from the GTR. Straight away you will notice the swallow style kicktail on the deck. This allows you to dig your back foot in for slides and lift the front wheels for extra manoeuvrability. 


Next you will notice the cage that surrounds the motors. This is the Bash Guard and will keep your motors protected while you ride off gutters or perform manuals on the Stoke. The Bash Guard is also available as an additional accessory so you can install one on your GTR board too.



Can't Decide Which One?

With so many awesome choices, you may be a bit confused as to exactly which Evolve Skateboard is the perfect one for you. This video below may help you make that big decision.



Accessories and Spare Parts

To help you get the most out of your new Evolve Skateboard, Scooter Hut also stock a full range of accessories and spares. 


Head into one of our authorised retail stores or jump online to grab yourself a Conversion Kit to swap out your wheel type, a Bash Guard to protect your motors or some Prism LED Strips that plug straight into the Bamboo GTR and light up the night. 


Keep your board at peak performance by using genuine spare parts. We make sure we carry a large amount of Evolve AT tyres, inner tubes and motor belts so they are there when you need them.



Maintenance and Care

Maintaining and looking after your Evolve Skateboard is super easy and can be done with a minimum of tools at home. Below are some of the more common maintenance and installs that you may need or wish to perform.


Changing an All Terrain Tyre


Install the AT to Street Conversion Kit



Check out the Evolve Skateboards YouTube channel for heaps more videos on maintenance, how to's and handy tips for your board.




Evolve Skateboard products are available exclusively at our Scooter Hut stores in Brisbane City, Springwood, Adelaide and Perth. Or click the link below to browse and shop the entire Evolve range online at the Scooter Hut website.

Evovle Skateboards

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