Australia to BAN petrol and diesel from 2035! YOUR guide to replacing fossil fuel transport with an Electric Scooter

Oct 07, 2022
Australia to BAN petrol and diesel from 2035! YOUR guide to replacing fossil fuel transport with an Electric Scooter

The electric evolution is upon us!

The capital of Australia, no not Sydney – Canberra announced that they will ban new petrol cars from 2035!

New car buyers will be banned from purchasing fossil fuelled cars in just 13 years!
There is much debate about Australia’s lackadaisy approach to EV and renewables, hopefully with the change in government serious investment into infrastructure for the future will not only be considered and promised, but delivered in some capacity.

This is an exciting time for Scooter Hut and our extensive range of electric scooters.
Being Australia’s number one retailer for e-scooters we have a promise to uphold with our current and future consumers to continually deliver premium products.
We are excited to align with the Australian government on an EV future and hope that they aren’t too far away from delivering on their renewable promises. To view the range please visit: Electric Scooters Australia | eScooters at Scooter Hut

2035 will come around quite quickly for the ACT and Minister for Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury expects other states to follow suit soon after.
"Our intent is that from 2035, you will not be able to put new (cars) on the road," he said.

"But the government does not intend to take your car off the road if you're driving around in an all-petrol vehicle at the start of the year."

By 2030 (7.5 years from publishing this blog) the ACT hopes to have between 80-90 per cent of new light vehicles sold to be zero-emission models (ZEV’s) – ambitious? Maybe, but manageable – we think so!

Further abroad the UK Government has already announced plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, the European Union has also drafted the legislation to ban new fossil fuelled cars by the year 2035 and Singapore wont allow new diesel-powered car and taxi registrations from 2025.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has stopped short of banning fossil fuel cars for the country but has offered incentives to go electric. Electric cars will be exempt from Australia’s 5% import tariff to reduce the cost of the vehicle coming into Australia. They will also be exempt from fringe benefits tax that will encourage workplaces to give their employees electric cars.

What does this mean for the future of Electric Scooters?
We predict more and more Australians will look to electric vehicles as their preferred mode of transport.
The growing popularity of e-scooters across the country despite state legislation still trying to play catch up only goes to show just how much of an appetite Australian consumers have for personal mobility devices operated solely by electricity.
You can find the best range of commuters here:
Commuter Electric Scooters at Scooter Hut

We anticipate that such devices will become the norm and even an everyday necessity especially with the likes of the ultra-portable e-Glide Swift weighing in at just 13kg – commuting distances of 45KM or less become super convenient, and should you need to commute further and need it for the first and last kilometre of commuting its light enough to pick up and carry aboard a bus, train or ferry.

If you need further information about Scooter Huts range or which product might be best for your needs, reach out to our friendly staff and we can assist with the right electric scooter for your needs.

- Adrian Fowler

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