What is the standard wheel size?

Posted by Kevin Austin on 14th Apr 2014

There was a time not so long ago where aftermarket wheels seemed to not exist. This was the age of the B-Model scooters long before MGP, Envy and many other leading brands flooded the market with affordable and quality complete scooters. This was the time where 100mm wheels were the standard, there was no metal core wheels and certainly not the selection we have today.

Thanks to the Scooter Resource forums, riders from all over the world had access to reinforcement methods and led others riders to start using other alternatives such as ‘Rollerblading’ wheels.Eventually bike shops and other stores starting stocking small quantities of these wheels which lead to the ‘Yak 110mm wheel’. This set a new bench mark for scooters as riders would have more grip and a larger ground clearance for a smoother ride.

As the demand for scooter wheels increased, Australia eventually started importing the first metal core wheels (Eagle/Micro) which prevented the core of the wheels from cracking or breaking. Originally these wheels only came in 100mm and were often run on the back only as they were very expensive.

As time went on 110mm wheels became more and more popular which lead companies to produce more 110mm wheels and less 100mm wheels. Today 80% of aftermarket wheels come in a 110mm size and are undoubtedly the standard size with a large number of brands to choose from. Will this remain the standard size? We will have to wait and see.

Hep Greg was one of the first people to ride and own a signature 125mm wheel, unfortunately because of their size it was very difficult fit on a standard scooter at the time without heavy modification.

Until recently 125mm wheels did not seem to phase the average rider, however as the sport has grown riders are now seeking larger parts and larger wheels . As a result more and more brands like Root Industries are catering to these needs and have started producing 125mm wheels. Will this be the way of the future? Will this set a new standard? Only time will tell.