Vertx SMX V3 Fork - Great New Colours!

Posted by Scooter Hut Staff on 23rd Jun 2014

Vertx offers up some serious new colours within their proven Vertx SMX V3 fork. Gold, Teal, Grey and Matte Black have been added to their already extensive colour list. The gold Vertx forks are a more muted, natural gold colour, meaning that they won't kill the rest of the colours in your custom scooter build. Matte black or grey SMX V3s will compliment your monochromatic build or stand back to let that vivid deck come to the front. We know we're going to see some pretty special builds using the teal fork - Teal is getting really popular out there in the parks and on the street!

If you are mad keen on these (or any other colour in the SMX range) pop over here for buying options: