Unfair DVD Review

Posted by Jackson Manzie on 2nd Apr 2014

First and foremost, its great to see a DVD coming out of Australia, we haven’t seen one since Australian Scooters 2 came out, (that was a long time ago) and Us and Them passes most of the tests for grading a good DVD. Both times I’ve ever been to Brisbane I got the vibe of an urban wasteland; lots of factories, warehouses, and not many spots to be found. The Unfair guys have clearly been working hard as the DVD is full of a range of spots that I’ve never personally seen on footage and this is a great thing to see.

The next point ill make is that this video at its core is a ledge, rail, and stair set video. These are the kind of spots Unfair clearly like to ride the most, and if you don’t like watching tricks on these kind of spots, you’re not going to like the DVD. The video starts with a montage of slams, and opening tricks from everyone in the video, including some guests. All around, the filming is good, and as the filming is unaccredited at the end of the DVD, I’m going to assume it was a team effort and for that they deserve props.

Nathan Flemongo starts off with the first part, and although it’s a solid part, it also demonstrates what I think is one of the only flaws for this video: too much filler. Nathan has a simple, enjoyable style, but his part could have been drastically improved by being cut down to only 3-4 minutes of his best lines and tricks. Nathan has an almost 9 minute long part which did test my attention span to the tricks being done. Towards the end of the part the tricks and the pace start to quicken and get really heavy and technically very difficult. It makes up for the slow beginning, I’ll say that.

Regan’s clearly loves MJ and his song choice is what we like to call #emotional and he’s got some crazy pants, but don’t let that distract you, the tricks are all solid, especially his schoolyard lines. Regan’s part is 5 minutes long and once again I think could’ve been shortened, but this part also quickens in pace and ends with a heavy banger.

Jack Dye and Reece Jones are the star of the DVD and come through with two absolutely insane parts. Jack’s part starts with some vicious slams, including one that ends with a trip to the local ER. For a man of Jack’s size, he has almost un-human hops and through and through, every single clip is fast, exciting and you can tell he’s worked hard to bring you this collection of pretty insane clips. Once again this part ends with a heavy banger. The video doesn’t wait up and moves straight onto Reece Jones. Reece likes to commit homicide upon every rail he can. Every clip used belongs in this part and all 4 minutes of it will have you on the edge of your seat. He deserves last part and it delivers. There are even a few tricks I’ve never even seen done before. The last minute is non-stop hammers and once again, the ender for his part and the video is one that’ll be remembered.

All in all the DVD is a solid watch, although at some times it may seem a little repetitive and slow, the parts that aren’t will make you glad you bought it.