Still Epic - Brendon Smith 2016 Edit

Still Epic - Brendon Smith 2016 Edit

Posted by Brenton Taylor on 15th Nov 2016

It’s been some months since this edit was dropped (well 8 to be exact) but my goodness the epic factor has not dropped. 

This video is seven and a half minutes of just jaw dropping world firsts and varies from ridiculous park tricks like alley oop bri to kick bri whip through to some insane tech tricks like ice grind to triple whip. It has it all!

We spoke to Brendon and asked him how long it took from first clip filmed to the very last, he answered with over 3 years…. 3 years for an edit, dedication at its absolute finest!

There was some out in the sport who didn’t appreciate it and called it ‘boring’ due to the same angles being used throughout the entirety but my response to that is, it’s literally 8 minutes of world firsts, don’t hate.. appreciate!

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, treat yourself -