​Sansei Smithy’s Envy vs Apex Customs

Posted by Trent Disney - Communications and Marketing Manager on 28th Mar 2014

From the dark forests of Eagleby returns an original legend of the freestyle scooter world, a myth that rolls amongst man, pioneering and preserving the sport we love.

Sansei Smithy, the creator of the most memorable and sought after custom scooters in Scooter Hut’s history, has traversed the dangerous paths of his homeland to again grace the hallowed halls of the Scooter Hut temples and bring his disciples a new range of incredible custom scooters!

His dangerous mind has concocted these brilliant custom scooters by harnessing the power and energy of the all-new Envy AOS v3 Signature Decks and synergising it with the always-powerful Apex Pro Scooters range to reincarnate the force of all of the best customs that have come before!