Phoenix Pro Scooter Products - New gear!

Posted by Scooter Hut Staff on 13th May 2014

That well know premium scooter brand Phoenix Pro Scooters who are globally recognised for their high quality no nonsense products have extended their already extensive range of freestyle scooter parts and complete scooters! 

The Phoenix Session completes now come in two models the Phoenix Session 4.25 Complete and the Phoenix Session 4.5 Complete. Both using the latest Phoenix parts to build some really nice and capable complete scooters.

As for parts Phoenix have thrown scooter wheels, grip tape and headsets into the mix and we are very impressed! The Phoenix Wheels are available in 3 spoke or 6 spoke options an each model comes in six fantastic colours - so no matter what your current setup there is a set of Phoenix scooter wheels that will set off your scooter to a tee!

Replacement headsets are also on offer from Phoenix and these come in five different colours: Black, Silver, Violet, Gold and Gun Gray.