New Ethic Mogway and Incube Wheels Review

Posted by Chris Trainor on 10th Mar 2014

Two amazing 110mm freestyle scooter wheels have just released by  Ethic Dtc. The Ethic Mogway and Incube scooter wheels are the newest to hit the Scooter Hut range, said to be one of the fastest sold by Scooter Hut these scooter wheels give you amazing speed yet still maintaining outstanding strength.

The Ethic Dtc wheels come in 85a and 88a urethane brilliant for any surface you wish to ride on. The 85a is typically a little slower than the 88a however softer so you don’t feel bumps and cracks in the concrete as much when riding, making them perfect for outdoor skate parks. The 88a urethane is harder and therefore faster and perfect for indoor skate parks and skate parks with smooth concrete.

The  Ethic Mogway wheels have a 5 spoked metal core coming in various colours such as Black and light blue, black and gold as well as black and bronze. The  Ethic Incube wheels are a 7 spoked metal core wheel coming in black and red, black and blue, black and silver as well as completely black.

Ethic Dtc have designed scooter wheels with amazing quality and a wide range of colours and styles to suit any rider. You simply can’t go wrong with the new Ethic freestyle scooter wheels. Ethic DTC Mogway Scooter Wheel