Micro MX BenJ Friant Edition Complete

Posted by Tom Meer - Manager, Scooter Hut Melbourne on 25th Jun 2014

The long awaited addition to Micro Xtreme’s fleet of complete scooters is well underway and set to hit stores in less than a month! 

Designed for Swiss rider Benjamin Friant, the MX BenJ Edition boasts innovation in both design and functionality. The first thing you’ll notice is the unusual yet eye-catching 3D forged head-tube, providing strength, individual style, and a weight reduced construction. BenJ will also give you one of the tallest and widest (25”x22.5”) light-weight bar on the market. With it’s aluminium base and standard compression system (SCS) functionality, you’re able to alter the bar size to your taste with as much as a simple cut. Let’s not forget the core; at 20” long and 4.5” wide, this one of a kind deck sits nicely under the feet for riders of all shapes and sizes.

MX’s latest complete has been tested by some of the worlds best, including Melbourne’s very own Justin “Juzzy” Carter….

The BenJ by MX is a really unique scooter, with a smooth and individual design. The bars are a perfect height and width, feeling comfortable for your back and making bar spins easier and more of a flow trick. The deck is intrinsic with its smooth finish along the sides, bottom and top. It's finger whip friendly, with smooth flat sides and is foot-jamable' with its curved head tube. I personally love this scooter, as it is something for all riders. Whether you're flow, tech, park, or street the BenJ ticks all the boxes and is a must have this year.

- Justin JuzzyCarter

Deck: 6061 Aluminium

4.5” Wide

20” Long

82.5º Head-Tube Angle

Bars: 6061 Aluminium

640mm/25” High

570mm/22.5” Wide

Compression: Standard Compression System (SCS)

Wheels: 87A Shore PolyUrethane 110mm

Headset: Integrated Threadless

Brake: Rounded Flex-Fender