Envy V3 Signature Scooter Decks

Posted by Chris Trainor on 9th Mar 2014

Envy Scooter has just released their new range of Envy AOS V3 signature decks and is now available at Scooter Hut!

There has been a massive demand for the new Envy Scooters range and they have not disappointed. You will be amazed at the quality upgrade and the end finish on each of the new Envy AOS V3 Signature decks.
This year they have signature decks for Charles Padel, Max Peters, Jake Clarke, Ryan Upchurch, Ludo Pistat and their new arrival to the team Keenan Mehmet.

The Envy AOS V3 Deck have really upped their game with the new 3D forged one piece head tube and Fluted cups has enhanced the scooters decks strength helping prevent cracks from occurring.

The Envy Scooters signature AOS V3 decks are amazingly light only weighing in at 1.2kg and well balanced, made with flat sides and flat a bottom perfect for doing finger whips and grinds. Envy Scooters has also put amazing custom graphics on the bottom of each deck.

Envy Scooters have really gone well above expectations with their new signature deck range. You can guarantee that you will be the envy of everyone at the skatepark if you are riding one of these.