​ALL NEW Madd Gear MGP VX4 Range

Posted by Trent Disney on 6th Mar 2014


Scooter Hut has received its first shipment of the eagerly awaited MGP VX4 Complete Scooter range from Madd Gear (MGP) and it’s safe to say we definitely weren’t disappointed!

The first thing Scooter Hut noticed about the new range of Madd Gear scooters is the high end look and feel of the new MGP VX4 Complete Scooter range!

Each Madd Gear MGP VX4 Complete Scooter features the all-new internally fluted, flat bottom decks from MGP and is fitted with a top of the range FSA Headset!

The Madd Gear MGP VX4 Team, MGP VX4 Nitro and MGP VX4 Extreme are running all new TPR Grind Grips at a very nice 150mm long and the new Blitz Brakes made from a flexible composite material!

Besides all the ridiculous state of the art hardware, MGP have also thrown in a lot of awesome goodies! The MGP VX4 Pro comes with a spare pair of different coloured Squid Grips and an awesome sticker pack so the rider can choose the decals on their scooter!

For the first time ever, Madd Gear have added easy to use bar extensions in with their MGP VX4 Nitro and Extreme models! These extensions are an allen key system that grow your bars an extra 2” wider!

All in all the new MGP VX4 Range from Madd Gear is another leap forward both in technology and customer satisfaction and is sure to keep MGP at the forefront of our sport!

Keep a look out for our upcoming video review on ScooterHutTV!