A Rather Special Delivery - River Wheels by Proto

Posted by Scooter Hut Staff on 28th Apr 2014

When the consignment of twenty high quality cardboard boxes landed at our warehouse the air was thick with anticipation. I had unpacked numerous deliveries prior to this point and had seen some pretty excited reactions to some of the quality scooters and scooter parts that arrived, eyes wide but trying to keep an air of cool - but this was different, true the usual suspects wear there, abandoning their posts for just a minute to catch the first glimpse of this precious cargo, but what surprised me was the attendance of serious OG scooter riders, guys from the dawn of scooting waiting impatiently.

The delivery had been a long time coming, a shipment from the United States of America via our friends at Root Industries and containing already well known, tried and tested American hardware from Proto Scooters (exciting enough by itself) but the wait was over, finally we were going to lay our hands on the new products offered up by River Wheel Co. - The River Rapid wheels and the River Glide wheels.

Box after box of lush Proto components were eagerly opened, most packaged by colour rather than product (a nice touch) products being gentle plucked from their resting places, coveted and passed round for further inspection until finally and to make the story perfect the last carton was opened awash with vibrant blue and orange there they were, the River Wheels, lovingly crafted in the USA and sitting in front of the Scooter Hut staff, the orange of the Rapid - smooth, fast and flowy - ideal for park riding and the blue Glide wheels - strong, responsive and durable - ideal for street riding. 

One statement broke the silence "I need me some new wheels"

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