24 Month Supercare Guarantee



At Scooter Hut we not only sell the largest range of electric scooters in Australia, we also service and repair them in-store.
Our goal is to ensure that your scooter gets you where you want to go hassle free and enjoy the ride. Throughout its life, your scooter will require regular servicing to ensure peak performance and safety. For this reason we are thrilled to offer you our 24 Month Supercare Guarantee. Just simply bring your scooter into any one of our Scooter Hut stores for a full service every 6 months, and we will extend your warranty to a full 2 years.

During the full service our Scooter Hut Technicians will tighten all bolts and replace any worn ones, perform a full brake adjustment, lubricate all wheel bearings, inspect and adjust all moving parts, run a full test on the electronics and motors, then clean the entire scooter so it is ready to ride away. 

*To be eligible for the 24 Month Supercare Guarantee, customers must ensure that a minimum of 4 services are carried out throughout this period at intervals no greater than 6 months.

This voluntary consumer guarantee is given by Scooter Hut Pty Ltd ABN: 27 135 712 962 - 46 Kingston Dr, Helensvale, QLD. 4212. Australia. The voluntary guarantee applies to the product listed on the receipt supplied at the time of purchase. It is provided to the original owner of the scooter within Australia and is non-transferable. Subject to the exception of your consumer rights, this voluntary guarantee covers the correction of any manufacturing defects to materials or workmanship. The coverage of this voluntary guarantee commences from the date of purchase and expires 24 months after or when the scooter has travelled 50,000km, whichever comes first. The Scooter Hut SuperCare Guarantee in no way limits your rights as a consumer as outlined by the Australian Consumer Law. We work closely with the ACCC and encourage you to know your rights and seek advice at any stage. a warranty process.

Scooter Huts 24 month SuperCare Guarantee offers additional cover beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for protection against faults which may occur from the normal use of the product up to 24 months from the date of purchase. It does not protect against faults which have occurred through mis-use and/or wear and tear. The 24 month SuperCare offered by Scooter Hut applies only to the range of electric scooters sold and purchased at Scooter Hut. To be eligible to the SuperCare, customers must ensure that a minimum of 4 services are carried out by Scooter Hut over the 24-month period at intervals no greater than 6 months. We cannot guarantee against misuse, commercial use or normal wear and tear.

The guarantee does not apply if repairs are carried out by any 3rd party. This guarantee is naturally in addition to your statutory rights. Servicing is offered at a fixed price though additional costs may apply should parts or labour be required to fix a fault which has arisen from the mis-use or wear and tear of a product.

The following parts are examples of parts which would be considered subject to wear & tear and would not be covered under the 24 month SuperCare;

• Battery
• Brake Pads / Disc
• Grips
• Tyres / tubes
• Griptape
• Any stickers or covers
• Kickstand
• Light Bulbs